Dan MacDonald Photography | Endangered East TN Homes and Farmland
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East Tennessee's heritage is under seige. We're losing antebellum homes and some of our best farmland at an alarming rate. I believe we've lost as much farmland in upper East Tennessee (between Greeneville and Bristol) in the past 8-9 years as we did in the previous 45 years. Subdivisions and strip development are all over land that had cows and barns just a decade ago. Some of the property shown here is fairly well protected, some of it at total risk. Much of the land in Washington and Sullivan Counties-- our oldest-- is already gone. There is still a good amount of quality farmland left in Greene, Cocke and especially Grainger County. I wonder if any of it will be left for kids now in grammar school to show their children. Whoever has the money rules: we have no protection for our heritage.

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The Clark House at dawn.Osage Orange tree, February, 2007Massive Osage Orange Tree next to the ruins of the "Clark House."Old ca 1850s (?) storeFlourville MillThe old springhouse, plat 94old springhouseOld spring house, with original logs exposedIsaac DeVault Mansion, ca 1852Isaac DeVault. 1811-1903Massengill Slave CabinThe Harrington OakThe Harrington Oak, 9 ft diameter"Modern" barn covering possible 1770s cantilever barnCantiler barn 30 ft from the Great Valley Road