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Created 31-Aug-10
230 photos

This is our flexible gallery of dog images from Schumpert Park. They will be in constant flux as I load new images on for owners to download, and then remove most of them except a few favorites. There will always be at least 30 images here. With the exception of the very first photo, the newest images will always come first.

The dogs aren't wild, of course. They just think they are. To see the expressions in some of these images, you'd think it was survival of the fittest on the African Savannah. The Schumpert PetSafe Dog Park is one of the best ideas to come along in Knoxville in a long time. Our dog Molly (beagle blue heeler mix in some of these photos) has a blast every time she goes there. We like to think of this gallery and the free downloads as another way of supporting the Park.

There are two ways to approach the gallery. For by far the best viewing of the images, use the slideshow feature (red button upper right of this page.) You can hit "escape" to exit at any time, or the x at the top of the slideshow page. You can also control the slide show by the bar that will appear at the bottom if you move your cursor there.

To download the original files, come back to this view, which is what you will return to upon exiting the slideshow. Then go to the thumbnail for each photo you want. Click on that thumbnail and you will get the individual page for that image. Then move your cursor to the upper left corner of the image and the download button will appear. You will need DSL or faster, these are big, pro level files.

If I photographed your dog and the images don't appear here, it means there was some problem with the image. That almost always has to do with harsh sunlight casting really severe shadows or "blowing highlights" when even Nikon's newest cameras can't handle the light difference across the image.

If you are a "regular," eventually your dog will appear here. If you missed a chance to download and I've removed the image, don't worry, I have it in the archives. Just contact me.

If you have any trouble with getting an image file, call me at 573-6981. Thanks for viewing!

-- Dan MacDonald