Dan MacDonald Photography | Pagliacci
Created 28-Jun-09
27 photos

The Knoxville Opera Company performed Pagliacci in April of this year, as a part of their annual Rossini Festival. I wandered the back hallways and makeup rooms to get candid shots of the members as they prepared for the first full dress rehearsal. Many thanks to the stage manager and all the cast members who went out of their way to help me. A very friendly, wonderful group of dedicated people. I’d never photographed in that space before. It was low, mixed light, a challenge. I had the Nikon 200 f/2 lens to get the highest quality images I could, but that’s a very big lens to haul around in those tight hallways and it’s not always easy to get the 8-15 feet you need for portraits or full body length images. I’ve had some serious knee problems this year and that night was tough, but I’m glad I was there. The Opera Company, like many local non-profits, has faced budget cuts it simply can’t withstand without consequences. That night behind stage made me a believer: the opera is a critical part of the fabric of the Knoxville community. The expressions you see in these images are what I saw all night: these folks love what they do.

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