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Friday night, April 16, we had a special presentation of “A Walk in The Spring Rain,” starring Anthony Quinn and Ingrid Bergman, courtesy of the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound. Brad Reeves and Louisa Trott, who manage the archive, are networking themselves into every nook and cranny of tourist productions, family home movies and media archives to rescue old movies and recordings from East Tennessee before the chemical ravages of time take them away forever. Every movie presentation they’ve made has been a hit and filled the seats of the auditorium.

For A Walk in the Spring Rain, Brad and Louisa invited Tom McCarroll and his daughter Tammie McCarroll Burroughs to play fiddle and guitar before the show began. Tom and Tammie both appear in A Walk in the Spring Rain, in the country fair scene filmed, as was most of the movie, in Cades Cove. The movie was released in 1970, so at the time of filming Tom was 42 and Tammy 9.

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From Tammie Burroughs:

James Thomas (Tom) was born July 2, 1928, so he will be 81 this July. His parents were "Fiddling Jim" and Lydia (Liddie) Gilmore McCarroll. Jim McCarroll was best known for his recordings for Columbia Records at the Johnson City and Atlanta Sessions in 1928-29 with the Roane County Ramblers. Dad and Granddad
traveled to compete in fiddle competitions. In the 1950's both were champions in their age divisions.

Dad learned to play the fiddle from his grandmother, Rosa Gibson McCarroll, who began teaching him by age 3 or 4. He tells me that he was so young he had to sit in the middle of the bed so if he dropped the fiddle, it would not get broken.

Dad worked for the City of Lenoir City for 40 years, as Superintendent of Streets and public Works. About 4 years ago, we traveled to Port Townsend, Washington, where Dad was a Fiddle Master at the Festival of Fiddle Tunes, and together, we taught workshops and a fiddle lab in Appalachian Style Music. Dad began teaching me to play at age 4, first with the mandolin, then later the guitar when I was big enough to reach around it.