Dan MacDonald Photography | Mardi Growl 2012
180 photos

Welcome to Mardi Growl, 2012 !!

To download any image, double click on its thumbnail. When the image page comes up, move your cursor to the upper left corner of the image and the download button will appear. Be sure you have either created a folder on your computer for this event, or you know in advance which old folder you want to use for it. Otherwise you may download it and then be unable to find it.

For the best view online, go to the slideshow feature (red button upper right corner this page). There are a great many slides in this year's gallery, though, so you will probably want to take control of the slide show by moving the cursor to the bottom of the page, which will cause the thumbnail bar to appear, the same one that shows for a few frames when you first enter the slide show. You can move anywhere in the show quickly with that control bar.

Your dog may appear in several different places in the gallery, so don't miss an image!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Dan MacDonald


Sasha, "Little Brown Dog"