Dan MacDonald Photography | First Night Family Photos, 2009
Created 1-Jan-09
49 photos

Greetings to the families who survived First Night! I’ve set this gallery up for you to access the photos I took of the events for the kids. All photos are now posted.

For the best viewing, run the slide show.

I don’t want to open this gallery for just anyone to download. I think the best thing to do is to email me, which you can do clicking “contact” straight off my intro page on this site, or off my card I gave you. macdona5@bellsouth.net

I will then email the full resolution JPEG files to you, or we can arrange for you to download directly from this site. I can also set it up so you can have prints ordered directly from this site. You are welcome to call me at 573-6981.

For First Night parents, these photos are free as digital files and prints ordered here are at cost only.

-- Dan