Dan MacDonald Photography | National History Day 2012
Created 6-Mar-12
211 photos

My apologies for this taking so long. We've never had a feature exhibit install at the History Center right at the same time as National History Day before. The schedule caused some serious time conflicts.

All History Day photos are now posted.

To download a photo file, just double click on its thumbnail. When the image page comes up, move your cursor to the upper left corner of the image and the download button will appear. Be sure to click "download" and NOT "all available originals" or you'll download the entire gallery! You should decide where you're going to put the images on your computer before you start the process, as the Zenfolio downloader will ask you to designate where they should go.

For the best view of the images online, run the slideshow feature (red button upper right corner this page). There are many, many photos this year, though, so you'll want to move your cursor to the bottom of the slideshow page which will make the thumbnail bar appear so you can take control of the show and move to any image you want to see.

Again, sorry for the delay.....

Dan MacDonald