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Created 4-Dec-11
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Welcome to Dogs Gone Wild! for the new Charter Doyle dog park.

This is a free service Michele and I run for the dog parks we attend with our dogs Molly and Nellie, as our way of supporting the wonderful idea of safe leash-free environments for dogs.

I think its fitting that my first images from Charter Doyle are of McKinley, who is 16 and a bit slow getting around these days.

If you don't see certain shots you saw me take of your dog, it means there was some problem, usually that the autofocus couldn't lock on to a fast moving dog when there wasn't sufficient light.

To download an image, click on its thumbnail. When the image page comes up, move your cursor to the upper left corner of the image and the download button will appear. With any connection of basic DSL or faster, it should just take a minute or two to download.

Over the weeks and months that pass I will retain some of the best images here, but many of them will be deleted after a month or so, to keep the site fresh and streamlined.
So please download the images you want right away; I'll keep them on file but it would take a lot longer to retrieve an old file I've deleted.

If you want to see the best version of your dog's photos here, please use the slideshow feature (red button upper right corner this page.)

If you have any questions, call me at 573-6981 or email me at macdona5@bellsouth.net


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