Dan MacDonald Photography | Party on the Butterfly Weed
Created 16-Jun-09
6 photos

The area between the Holston River and Hwy 11W, up around Blaine and Rutedge, has more Butterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa, than I've ever seen anywhere else, and the color seems to have a depth beyond the normal, especially the ones with deep, burnt orange flowers. Is the color variation a factor of mineral content in the soil? Have to research that.

It's appropriately named. The butterflies were having a wild party atop the orange...

I'm going to do another session to add more photos to this. Monday's session brought a problem I've struggled with before: bright sunshine on the viewfinder and the LCD screen. Very hard to see the image, or to review anything about it. This becomes a real challenge when working with a manual lens like the Zeiss 100 f/2, but I'm not going to surrender the color and sharpness of the Zeiss without a fight. I might look stupid, but I'm going to try using a black cloth like you would on a view camera. I'll be the Ansel of Nikon.

Exif data shows the Nikon D300, but it is specifically the Nikon D300 HR, modified by MaxMax.

Please use the slide show feature; the quality of that view is by far the best.