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Created 20-Sep-10
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Greetings to all the Bark for Life participants. I have pressing chores to do, so only a few of the photos from Bark for Life have been processed. I'll have all of them up by Wednesday at Noon.

I noticed several dogs from Mardi Growl two years ago, so I moved that gallery back into the featured section so you could find it easily. If you were there in 09, check the gallery.

To download any of these images: click on the thumbnail for the one you want. When the page opens up, move your cursor to the upper left corner of the image and the download button will appear. (Update: Monday 7 p.m. I accidentally left the download feature closed. My apologies. It works now.)

For viewing the images here, by far the best method is to see them using the slideshow feature (red button upper right corner this page.) That gives you the full resolution image. You can take over the slide show by moving your cursor to the bottom of the slide show page once it starts. Then you can move to the images you want to see if you don't have time for the whole show.

Just click the X in the upper right of the slideshow page, or hit escape, to go back to the regular gallery view and do your downloads. Thanks for viewing!



Alex the Wonder DogThis is play, honestly......