Dan MacDonald Photography | History Fair 2009
Created 23-Aug-09
55 photos

The ETHS History Fair 2009 was a great success. I have all the photos posted now. I’ve put up several groups of photos on the same people, to give you choices for what you may want to download for your own use. I do all my photography for ETHS for free and, in cases like this where downloads are allowed, I never charge. If you should want prints directly from me, I’d have to charge, otherwise I’d go broke on time, paper and ink. The big full res files you can download may be taken to any photo shop for prints. I can’t guarantee how good those prints will look; there's a lot of variation in printing methods. My Epson printer’s results look almost identical to what you see in these images. Tony Long can produce high quality prints off my files which look fantastic. He can be reached at 567-4477.

Several photos of children are password protected and their families have the passwords. Please go to the
"History Fair 2009 Family Photos", enter your password and you will see all the photos, which can be downloaded from that gallery. You will see the same images here, but they can only be downloaded from that family gallery.

If anyone has problems with downloads, or any questions, don't hesitate to call me. 865-573-6981

I highly recommend you view the photos using the slideshow feature. If you don’t want to view them all that way, go into the slideshow and take over command of it with the bar that will appear when you move your cursor to the bottom of the slide show page. Then you can pull up any photos you want to see in full slide show resolution. In the Slide Show mode the full file is used and you get a much more detailed image.

To download an image, go back to this thumbnail view main gallery page. Double click on the image you wish to download. It will come up by itself on a page. Then move your cursor to the upper right hand corner of the page and the download button will appear.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with the guy with the big nosey camera and lens.

-- Dan